Expertise in Hydrology and Hydraulics

AquaVidya is renowned for its analyses of hydraulic problems. Specialists from the firm give one or two days seminar on stormwater management and other related topics. Tailored software applications are often created to solve specific problems. Following are some doman of expertise:

  • Rainfall analyses - rare events;
  • Synthetic rainfall events for the design of stormwater networks;
  • Hydrology of catchbasins (temperate and tropical climates);
  • River hydraulics and calculations of opening for roads and highways;
  • Analysis of existing stormwater networks;
  • Tidal signal analyses;
  • Wave climate analysis and riprap size evaluation for dikes and dams;
  • Analysis of temporal signals;
  • Statistical analysis of extremes;
  • 1D and 2D modelling of free surface flow

Programming expertise

Creation of specific software for our clients
Programming language: Object oriented: : C++
Currently used platform for development: C++Builder (RAD) from Borland


CHI in Toronto (, déveloper of the software package PCSWMM for the analysis of stormw sewer systems.




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