AquaVidya inc. was founded to address needs in hydrology and hydraulics studies for environmental management of water resources and, more specifically, stormwater management in urban areas.

AquaVidya is a mix between two terms, aqua, which means water and "Vidya", which is the name of a Déesse of "Knowledge" . In that sense, the firm has been committed since its beginning to be a bridge between leading-edge knowledge in its domain and the practical aspects, thereby providing high-level software and formations to its clients..

Expertise covers a large range of specialities,, from river hydraulics to culverts and bridges analyses, from water supply networks to analysis of sewer networks, from urban stormwater management plans to floodplain delineation, from harmonic tidal analysis to data processing from various field measurement instruments..

AquaVidya specialists are frequently invited to participate in different Committees, at the provincial, national and international levels.





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